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The song "Pray" was written by my husband and me three years ago. I had these lyrics in my heart for a while. After a few heartaches three years ago which included: broken dreams, the devastation of my best friend's sudden death, and dealing with the despair of close friends and others, the lyrics of this song began to tap on my heart. Writing the song "Pray" was my diary to God about how I felt. I also hoped that sharing a part of my life would hopefully encourage others. My husband wrote the hook of the song which was actually his first love poem to me. A few months after the song was produced, we got married. 

The song was sung by a phenomenal Christian rapper, Mr. Denzelle Small. He doesn't know how working with us renewed my faith in Christianity which was needed at that time.  We will always be appreciative to this wonderful artist.
The song "Pray" starts off with "Sometimes life ain't fair, hearts fall into despair, the reason I dropped this flow is to show you how much I care," and the hook "Just want to pray for you,"  are words that I hope inspire you, and let you know that people do care. God thinks that you are amazing because you are just that... amazing...
Now I am not a professional vocalist, but the song has a nice beat, Denzelle did an incredible rap, and the words, well... I hope you take a listen...

Video Pray

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