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Zirzeria Beveridge

Zirzeria Beveridge is the CEO of Pictures of Life Productions, in addition, she is the playwright, producer, director and novelist. Zirzeria is also an award-winning songstress and videographer. Her books include, The River of Life, 2015, The Queen in Me and My Bumblebee, 2007, The Mistletoe Tree, 2020, A Night in Harlem- The Ghost Typewriter 2020, Teen Angels 2020 and The Devil is a Liar 2022. Her numerous plays include Tell them We are Rising, the history of Savannah State College, House of Women, about battered and abused women, Family Affair Freedom Day, hilarious family comedy, Nancy the Butterfly about a homeless jazz musician, The Holiday Extravaganza composed of three skits to include the Ebeneza Christmas Carol, The Gift of Giving and the Right Choice.

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In addition, the play Dreams of Harlem was performed three times (2017-2018) and recently in 2023, about a young filmmaker that goes to sleep and awakes during the Harlem Renaissance. She also was the playwright for Our Love Story, performed in 2023 which was a play about a couple that had been married over 75 years. This play is based on a book by Renee Gordon and produced two sold out performances. Next, Zirzeria was asked in October to write a musical for the Second Step Warriors in which her company produced, A Jazzy Christmas, based on three extreme divas from the Christmas Carol theme. Currently, Zirzera is working on her next project with her company Pictures of Life Productions called Jazz the Jewel of the World. This production has made jazz what it is today and takes everyone on a journey from the beginning of jazz to the current and talks about the influential artist today.

Zirzeria is a 2015 graduate of Regents University where she received her MFA in Script and Screenwriting. She is also a graduate of Savannah State University where she received her BA in English Literature and the Arts. Currently, Zirzeria is completing her doctoral degree from Liberty University in Communications. Currently Zirzeria is the Mass Communications, Chair at a local College, and instructor of Theatrical Arts, Screenwriting, Playwrighting, and African American Films.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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