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The Christian Georgia Film Festival CGFF (Yearly)

A three-day festival where artist that has submitted work all year in various categories gets a chance for their work to be displayed and meet and be honored with awards, a chance to be in workshops of screenwriting, music, and acting. We even have CPR workshops for future business owners.

To get tickets for the festival go to Christian Georgia Film Festival on filmfreeway

Itinerary for CGFF

Location of  Festival
DoubleTree by Hilton Augusta GA, August 18-20th, 2022

Day 1 Thursday

Pick up badges and T-shirts, gift bags, and event schedule 12 PM-8 PM

Day 2 Friday

( 9am-10am) Praise and Worship

All music videos selected (seminars) in classrooms, how to write plays, short films, music (10 AM-6 PM)

Day 3 Saturday

 ( 9am-10am) Praise and Worship

(10am -12PM)  Meet and Greet,

(12pm-2pm)  All officially selected music videos will be shown.

(2pm-4pm)  Red Carpet Event, pictures taken, interviewed about their project.

(4 pm-6 pm ) Dinner or Luncheon

(6:30pm – 8:30pm) Award Show

Please check Out our ONLINE Christian Georgia Film EVENT
that has categories of music, film and writing. Nominees and winners are announced at the end of each month and get a chance to enter into CGFF and win digital awards.

CFF LOGO online.png

Monthly winners will be chosen to have their projects announced and screened on our Facebook Page. Digital awards will be given and a chance to enter free into our Christian Georgia Yearly Festival. 
ENTER Both festivals through
Now accepting submissions for December- January...


Zirzeria & John Beveridge

Christian Georgia Film Festival (CGFF)

      Award winning in Music Video and Film Producers of all the Christian Film Festivals, John and Zirzeria Beveridge of Pictures of Life Productions will now present the Christian Georgia Film Festival (CGFF) to Augusta Georgia and the surrounding CSRA.  John and Zirzeria are mostly known as producers and playwrights in the Augusta CSRA and started Pictures of Life Productions, a small theatre company just a few years ago. Zirzeria CEO of Pictures of Life Productions started the company in 2010 and has produced plays throughout the community. 

    John and Zirzeria have continued to grow their company. Together they have produced uplifting and inspiring family plays throughout the community, performing their shows at the Maxwell Theatre, Jabez Theatre, Kroc Center, and other arenas, and the profits from their shows, House of Women, Dreams of Harlem, A Christmas Extravaganza and their latest Nancy the Butterfly all plays benefited organizations that helped the community, such as Cancer Research, various local churches, Children in Foster Care, and the Homeless. John and Zirzeria are featured favorite guest appearing on advertisement for their past and upcoming shows on, The Jennie Montgomery Show, Channel 6 News, Channel 12 News, 1550 AM with Carl Thornton, The Parade of Quartets, 88.3 Radio Station Advertising, Augusta News, Metro Courier, Club 36, and various other advertisements.

      Currently, John and Zirzeria have won numerous awards with Christian and Non-Christian Film Festivals in music and video production. With their vast experience and connections, John and Zirzeria have started the first Christian Film Festival in Augusta called the Christian Georgia Film Festival (CGFF). With their experience, they feel that they can really encourage, impact, and help the creative artist in the community of Augusta, CSRA, and throughout the world. This will not only connect other artist, but this would be an avenue to display and award other artist hard work as well.

      Zirzeria has her MFA in Film and Television Production, from Regent University, is currently an English and Theater Professor, and 8-time award-winning lyrist and singer of all the Christian Festivals, now offers her expertise in the areas of filmmaking and music production. John although disabled has found his calling as a  filmmaker, photographer, and award-winning producer. Together they encourage the artist in this community and surrounding areas.

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